British Products in the US

Being a displaced Brit, there are certain products that I really miss.  I’ve been able to find replacements for most, but I’d really like to find a store and/or online shop that sells The Weary Gardener’s Restoring Muscle and Joint Rub.  I was fortunate enough to find a bottle at the World Market a year ago, but I can’t even find it there now.  Argh.  Anyway, it’s made by The Master Herbalist Limited.  I bought the 60g size, but it comes in others.  It is, in my opinion, the absolute best product on the market for muscle and joint pain.  I’ve never been able to find better, on either side of the Atlantic.

If you know where to find this product in the US, or if you are in England and know a vendor who will sell the product internationally, please email me with the information.  Include the website to the seller, please, so that I know the information is legitimate.



2 thoughts on “British Products in the US

  1. Hi rain,
    I too have enjoyed the Weary Gardener’s Muscle and Joint Rub. It has been the only gel I ever found that really helps.
    Your post is from 2009. By any luck have you found the product in the US?
    Warm regards

    • After finding it the once in a World Market in Memphis, Tennessee, I haven’t seen it again! I even tried contacting the makers in Milton Keynes, but to no avail. If you should happen to find it, please do post the information here. Good luck!

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