Just Another Tuesday Afternoon

I ‘went away’ for a bit to chat with Kathy, an internal helper, and apparently the kids went a bit mad.  Mairead, in all her greatness, was watching them, but they managed to get away with my mobile phone and text my best friend.  They were *very* proud of having outsmarted the ‘big peoples’ and were quick to let my best friend know.  🙂  Bless him, he does know how to work with the little ones.  When I came back from our internal tea time, Mairead growled out ‘Would you just *look* at your phone’ and I got the spectator’s version of a hilarious little conversation.

Now here sits the lot of us– Kathy and me trying not to laugh hysterically lest we insult someone, two very happy children who were only mildly scolded, and a disgruntled Scottish teen who is sulking because *kids* got the better of her.  🙂

Yes, folks, it’s just another Tuesday afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Just Another Tuesday Afternoon

  1. You know those kids are crafty. Lily travels, remember? I think Lily learned that from being a part of SSP!, and she relayed the information to Timmy. Ha ha!

    Of course, I never mind receiving text message from Little Peoples.

    USF! and SSP! are going strong.

    • And Little Peoples never mind receiving text messages from you (or Ugh! or Ughlet! or Sista Ebony). In fact, Little Peoples (who are supposed to be in bed) are laughing and clapping as I type. 🙂

      You are simply lovely.

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