The Blessing Moon

Last night’s Blessing Moon ceremony went well, although it was a bit more makeshift than I would have liked.  And I burnt myself with the tip of the incense.  *That* takes talent, especially as there were three candles lit at the time.  I didn’t burn myself on those, mind you.  It was the incense.

Welcoming the summer aspects of the four elements was exciting.  I thought about how Earth, Air, Fire and Water create summer and about how we use those elements in our summer lives.  They balance each other so well.  The summer sun is the epitome of fire, and rain inevitably cools things down, at least in my part of the world.  Air provides a cooling breeze and spreads the seeds of plants that fertilise the Earth.  It provides people with those memorable scents of lilac and honeysuckle that will mark the joy of summer.  All of the elements come together to create the vibrancy of this season, and it was nice to take time to remember the harmony of our Universe.

Next time, though, I’ll ask Air not to burn me.  🙂


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