WORST Show on Earth

In this post, I talked about PETA’s mission to stop animal abuse in circuses.  They’ve uncovered more of the horrors faced by elephants and tigers imprisoned within the Ringling Bros. torture organisation.  Learn more about PETA’s efforts and the appalling conditions these animals face by visiting this page.

John Lennon, when campaigning against societal injustices, frequently used the phrase ‘apathy isn’t it.’  Now, almost thirty years after his death, that phrase still rings true.  Circus animals cannot speak for themselves.  To many attending the circus, they might even appear to be enjoying what they’re being forced to do.  People should remember, though, that elephants and tigers do not perform circus tricks in the wild.  Forcing them to do so involves traumatic training using physical and psychological torture.

When I say I’m a survivor of ritual abuse, people understand the horror behind that.  I became a PETA member and an animal rights activist specifically because I recognise some of the same methods use in the satanic programming of humans being used against animals by organisations in the meat and entertainment industries, among others.  It is *not* acceptable for humans to suffer severe abuse and trauma, and it is *not* acceptable for animals to be put through that kind of cruelty either.

We share one planet and one Universe.  It’s up to us to bring peace.


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