An Unexpected Shock

Here I am this morning, minding my own business and listing to the digital broadcast of Radio 2, when something horrible happens– I hear the not-so-mellifluous tones of one Taylor Swift.  I’ll admit that, even though American radio has so much more variety, I prefer BBC Radio (specifically 2).  Hearing that particular singer, then, was quite a shock.  Radio 2 usually plays *good* music.

Mind you, my computer is still regularly churning out the broadcast, and as always, it’s nice to hear.  Just skip the American teen pop next time, please!


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Shock

  1. What! No Taylor. What’s up with that? I apologize for that happening.

    It should have been some 80s. Btw…many of the songs that you say you don’t like…(ummmm hmmmmm) would have been played on the BBC radio, since the performers came from the UK. Thus, you should love a lot of 80s music. I’ll learn one day why you have this pretense of hatred. HA HA!

    Nevertheless, I completely agree with you on Taylor Swift. If I wanted to listen to someone singing off key, I’d just sing along to the music in my head.

    I have to give my two cents or two p on this one.

    • And I expected harassment from diehard fans of Radio 2, not simply people with bad taste speaking up for others in the same condition. 🙂

      ( PS– haven’t I apologised enough for some of the music produced by my native country? Your turn. ) LOL!

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