Anyone experienced in dealing with these little buggers?  Especially those of the Draconian line.  I’ve seen it done many times and can conceptualise the underlying processes at work, but it isn’t something I can do myself.  It *is,* however, something I’m dealing with at the moment in terms of being bothered by them.

Having grown up in a high-ranking generational cult family, I can handle physical and mental pain that would buckle most people.  Shape-shifters are difficult for me, though.  It’s almost impossible to prepare yourself for what seems like external DID.  When even a few people are changing so rapidly all about, it’s so difficult to retain any sense of stability or reality.  Lovely, isn’t it?

Fortunately for me and everyone who has been hurt by SRA, shape-shifters are rare.  Unfortunately, that makes it difficult to find resources on fighting against them.  Some of my insiders know a great deal more about them than I do, but we’re at a bit of a stop here, and outside information is helpful as well.  If you have *any* information that could be of assistance, *please* send it along.  Comments on the blog are welcome, but email is absolutely fine as well.  No identifying information is necessary.  In fact, I’d prefer not to know.  (Careful to check that your email address doesn’t identify you, if you’d rather remain anonymous.  And trust me, I understand that need.)

You can contact me by email using the link just under the Tweets on the blog’s front page.  If you prefer not to use the link, just send along an email to this address:  ec1[underscore]englishrain[at]yahoo[dot]com

Thanks so much!


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