Complete and Total Anger

This post is being written completely out of anger.  In fact, I’m banging on the keyboard and hoping none of the keys break.

There is *no reason* for a husband to hit his wife.  Period.  No question and no excuses.  I babysit the children of a woman who is caught up in a domestic violence situation.  I’ve helped her into shelters, bailed her out of jail, and sat with her a few times just waiting for him to show up at their house again.  That would be a bad mistake with me sitting there specifically to protect her.  I can do everything possible to protect this woman and her children, but I cannot change her husband or force her out of there for good.

This morning I had a phone call from the woman.  Her husband was acting like a [insert curse word here] again, and she was afraid.  Could I please come there.  I could hear him screaming in the background, so I made the hour’s drive in about 30 minutes.

Do *not* push me past my limit of anger.  It’s not pretty.  I stood between the excuse for a man and his wife while he threatened all the lovely things he could.  Being me and being incredibly angry by then, I told him if he had to hit a woman he could at least fight fair and take on someone who could fight back.  Unlike his wife, I’m not at all afraid of him, threatened by him, or intimidated by him in any way.  My philosophy is to avoid violence in all possible cases.  People get hurt, and the anger level just rises.  Today, however, was not one of those cases.  I’ll have to say I rather enjoyed pinning him to a sofa with by his wrist and that little spot on the shoulder that makes it incredibly difficult to move.  Returning the threats by telling him all the things I could do to him while we were waiting for the police to arrive wasn’t exactly a chore for me, either.

He’ll spend a few nights in jail, my friend will do whatever she feels she needs to do, and I’ll support her and the children in any way I can.  In the meantime, I’m going to try to stop shaking long enough to calm my anger a bit.  There’s absolutely no reason anyone should have to go through what my friend goes through.  I hope she can realise that as well.

National Domestic Violence Hotline (US): 1-800-799-7233

Women’s Aid 24-hr Helpline (UK): 0808 2000 247

Stay safe.  You are not alone and you do *not* deserve this.


6 thoughts on “Complete and Total Anger

    • Thanks Paul. You’re absolutely right– in a situation like that, I *definitely* have to make sure my anger doesn’t make me act blindly.

      • Well, I was more worried about what the impact on parts of you may be. Sometimes there’s an internal after-shock from doing something like this. I applaud you. But beware.

  1. Wow….your strength is admirable.
    My step-father beating my mother was a daily event when I was growing up…of course, he was a childabusing wifebeating sick you know what too….
    But it made an impression on me that has lasted a ‘lifetime’…
    Take care of you…
    ~ Grace

    • All the best to you, Grace, as you cope with everything from your past. These things should *never* happen. I’m trying to help my friend and protect her children, as much as possible, from having to deal with years of bad memories.

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