I Me Wed?

Two of my insiders announced to me on Saturday morning that they had got married the night before.  I knew they were an item, for lack of better terms, but they hadn’t told me they were considering marriage.  Saturday morning, Kathy told me it would have been weird if she and her newly-declared husband, L, had let me know ahead of time that they were planning on such a commitment.

It’s *my* internal system, and I’m still confused.  Kathy and L are the most powerful adults among my lot.  He is the head protector and main gatekeeper.  He’s sarcastic, hysterical, and absolutely merciless if I’m in danger.  She is the main protector of the internal children.

And apparently they’re honeymooning in some exotic corner of my mind yet to be discovered by the rest of us.

Don’t ask me.  It’s just my system.


2 thoughts on “I Me Wed?

    • Thanks. I am honestly not sure what to think about this situation. It’s a bit odd to think that one’s mind has just married itself. 🙂

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