Dear Doomsdayers

Do *not* tell me about the world.  Don’t tell me about its beginning or your idea of its end.  I stopped listening quite some time ago.  Yes, you can still get to me.  Your prophecies were burnt, beaten, and otherwise implanted in my mind.  I suffered unspeakable conditions because of you.  And what’s worse, you hurt my family as well.  Your last big move nearly finished me.  In fact, three years later it has still got quite the grip on me.  But it will *not* win.  I won’t let it.  Ever.

I realise it’s all been decided in your minds.  You are, as always, wrong.  So don’t bother me with your thoughts.  If your family is generational as mine was and haven’t got out, you haven’t had a single individual thought since you were born.  There are still so many ways you can manipulate me.  I’m not false enough to believe otherwise.  There are ways you can scare me, ways you can, to some extent control me.  But you will *not* defeat me, nor will you take away my life.

And to the doomsdayers who are *not* part of cults, shame on the lot of you.  Terrifying other people or ‘preparing them’ for some god-awful event that’s likely only in your twisted thoughts is cruel.  What’s more, you *are* individuals with individual thoughts.  Why would you use your minds to hurt others?  Can’t you see that your theories upset people?  Can’t you learn to keep them among yourself and others of like mind?  Bugger freedom of speech in this case; I respect the right of people not to be completely and utterly terrified out of their minds by people who are so small they have to invent convenient theories to make the world make sense to them.  Here’s a bulletin– page 3 of the Sun is more newsworthy.  At least it’s in true form.

So bugger off, all of you.  And take your false sense of knowledge along with you.


2 thoughts on “Dear Doomsdayers

  1. I agree too. I was inundated with this stuff as a teen. Read plenty of books that were shoved at me, decades before the left behind movement. Now I have had enough negative stuff in my life and don’t allow that into my life or my soul. Good for you. Good and healing thoughts to you.


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