So There!

My former therapist was amazing.  She let me talk at my own pace.  She pushed just enough, but for the most part, she just let me talk.  She let me tell my story as best I could.  I can’t thank her enough for that.  Unfortunately, I go to a subsidised mental health clinic.  My old therapist went to work at a crisis centre so she would have a more organised, stable schedule.  I wish I was being sarcastic, but I’m quite serious.  So was she.

The current therapist is ok.  She’s much younger than my last therapist, and I can tell she’s still by-the-book.  I am *not* comfortable discussing SRA with her, but as the winter solstice approaches, things get a bit mad for me.  I always need a few external folks to help with that one.  At my last therapy session, I explained to the new therapist that this was a difficult time of year for me.  She got a bit miffed and literally yelled that I should say *anything* other than difficult time of year.  She said my saying it was difficult was *making* it difficult.

I understand her point– if I keep telling myself it’s an awful time, my mind will focus on that.  But it’s an awful time.

At my session on Tuesday, the new therapist actually asked me how the time of year bit was going.  I talked briefly about my anxiety over the approaching solstice and my plans to get through it.  Not once did she take issue with me.  After the session, she happened to mention that my old therapist had popped by and asked her how I was doing.  She had been thinking of me and was concerned about how the solstice was affecting me.  *smiles* I don’t think the new therapist’s change of heart would have come without my old therapist stepping in.  I’m just lucky she took the leap and talked with my current therapist.

I truly miss working with her.  I’m not certain I’ll ever have that strong of a relationship with a therapist again.  She is amazing.  Simply knowing she’s thinking of me makes the time of year easier.  Even though we’re no longer working together, she gives me confidence and hope.  Just being around her brings peace.  She puts off such wonderful, healing energy, and I could never thank her enough.

To the many good therapists out there, please know that your work continues in the minds of your clients long after the therapeutic relationship is done.


One thought on “So There!

  1. I can relate to what you are saying. Your other therapist “got” it. And that means so much. I have always believe that that is the kind of therapy that I have always needed and never gotten. I would not want to say more than it was a tough time of year. I just wouldn’t. And I don’t believed that saying it and believing it makes it any tougher. Though talking about specifics can make me worse. I’m glad that your good therapist stopped in. Way to go her. Good and healing thoughts to you.


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