Dream States

My father said he never dreamed.  I don’t know if he simply didn’t remember his dreams, or if he never truly reached the sleep state needed to have dreams.  Interesting concept, regardless.  I haven’t heard that from anyone else.

As for me, my dreams are typically very vivid.  They can range from blissful to average to absolutely horrifying.  Last night’s dream (or something) was incredibly disorienting.  I remember waking up early in the morning, getting out of bed to pick up something that had fallen into the floor at some point in the night, and then going back to bed.  Then there was nothing.

It wasn’t so much a deep sleep as a total lack of existence.  When I woke up, or whatever it was that I did, I was incredibly disoriented.  I didn’t know where I was, what time it was, or anything remotely concrete.  My first lucid thought was that I’d slept through my shift.  Considering I work afternoons, that would be highly unlikely.  For a minute there, I truly had only a vague idea of my self and absolutely no idea at all of my surroundings.  Everything was unfamiliar.  Yes, I know that all comes with the multiplicity bit, but this is the first time I’ve ever been aware of being, well, unaware.  That was not a comfortable feeling.

Things have settled back to average now, and I’m thankful for that.  Being disoriented to my own life was a bit on the strange side.


One thought on “Dream States

  1. I get that sometimes. I assume it’s because I’ve awoken from the wrong part of a sleep cycle. Sometimes I don’t really believe what time it is until I start my shift at work. I need that geographic distance before I can reset myself. It’s like the whole world is just pretending that I’m awake or just pretending to be real or something until that happens. (I think half of it is that I want to convince myself that I should go back to bed.)

    It usually follows, incidentally, believable and quotidian dreams. Once I dreamt that I went to bed and put something on the table next to my bed. When I woke up the next morning, it took hours to shake the feeling that that object ought to have been there.

    My point is, it’s a normal but disconcerting phenomenon. I think, personally, stress triggers it. At least, I’ve been getting it increasingly the last few months and I’m increasingly stressed for the same period.

    And I’ve known lots of folks who can’t remember their dreams. (The only mammals that don’t dream are tree anteaters, incidentally. Unless your father had severe sleeping abnormalities, he dreamt.) I’ve tried convincing them that they dream and just don’t remember it, but they never believe me. I have given up since.

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