Change of Scenery

As you’ve no doubt noticed if you’re reading this from the site, there’s a new theme and it’s snowing.  🙂

Last year, I changed my blog to the winter scene as well.  We’re headed full speed into the holiday season, and while it’s incredibly difficult for me and many others, it’s also a time when the Western world attempts to have a bit of fun.  The past couple of days have found me at the bottom of the track on the emotional rollercoaster.  One of my insiders laughed as we worked on the columns at the bottom of the page and told me to be happy d*mnitt.  Quite a lovely sentiment, and I’m honestly trying.

Happy holiday season, everyone!  May it be filled with peace, happiness, and love.  (And I’ll close this post now before I start sounding completely like Ringo Starr.  ‘Peace and love.  Peace and love.’)


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