Spam Comments

Bless the spammers who try.  I don’t get a great deal of spam comments on this blog (Thanks WordPress).  When I do get spam, though, it’s usually a chain of bizarre letters or numbers sent by someone with an email address that would make most email clients explode in confusion.

Some, however, are more ambitious.  Lately, the spam message I’ve been getting is something along the lines of ‘good post, I’m going to blog about this too!’  I got an even more ambitious one today– ‘I don’t have a bunch to say about this, but…’  I can’t remember the rest of it.  That’s hilarious, though.  A spammer left a lukewarm comment on my blog.

So to all of you spammers who merely send chains of letters and number, you’ve got competition.  At least leave me a lukewarm comment.  I love knowing how spammers feel about my writing.  🙂


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