Five Hundred Years

My brother-of-choice once told me to think of the fact that the cult in which I grew up has been wrong for 500 years.  He asked how many groups I’ve heard of that, after 500 years of being wrong, all the sudden turn out to be right.  I’m holding on to those words today.  Hope is the best and most effective weapon against a group that creates people who know no better than to act out of hatred and pain.

Stay safe on this Solstice day.


5 thoughts on “Five Hundred Years

  1. Your brother-of-choice is right. The cult has been very wrong for 500. I think they can be wrong for 600, 700, 800 years. They will always be wrong…Unlike someone you know who’s always right. 😉

  2. I had never though of that. I was traumatized in the MKULTRA program which subcontracted the horrification and tramatization to a cult. The behavioral scientists in the MKUKTRA programs were amateurs in mind control when compared to the cult. Now it makes sense. The cult had centuries of experience and were much more confident that I would not tell.

    My family was not in the cult so I did not have the understanding that it was mulit-generational until I was an adult.

    Thanks for the post

    • MFF– I’m glad this post helped clarify things for you a bit. and hope you are able to take some comfort in it. Have a look around the blog; you’ll find a great deal of detailed information about cult activities and organisation. The program you’re referring to was, as you know, intertwined completely with cult activities (as in it was arranged by cult leaders in coop with surface-level leaders). Understanding more about the overall cult structure might very well help you. Comment or email any time if I can do anything to help as well. Best of luck. Take care of yourself.

  3. I did read some of the other posts on your blog. Good work.

    I was in that ice storm. I like storms so I went out at 11 and it was out of hand. Then I remembered that it was supposed to be bad at 3. I went to sleep and a branch went through my shed roof.

    The cult that I was involved in was a subcontractor to the MKULTRA program which was funded by the CIA and Army. The program was shut down in 1964 and the cult was less powerful. They made claims of influence that were not born out by future events.

    I was lucky in that I moved from that town when I was 12 and the town I moved into did not have a strong cult presence and I was left alone. I was somewhat protected as I was government property. They could not kill me pretty much.

    The shape changers seem to go away if I stamp my foot while turning in a circle. They used to scare me they now are a bother. Their only power to scare. I have challenged them before as they pissed me off. They can’t do anything to me.

    I experience the world looking unreal although I know what I am seeing does not exist. It is not a hallucination if I don’t expect anyone else to see it. This for me is a brain thing and happens on medication or during exhaustion.

    I spent 4 months is York England sometime around 2000 on a fugue.

    I know of past lives. I do not attempt to “visit them” I go when I need to. As just is thing.

    I was involved in a solstice ceremony I know it was on the 22nd I do not yet know much about it.

    The people I was involved in were superstitious they were not spiritual.

    Journey on

    My blog is I don’t worry about triggers. It is less triggering than google news.

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