No Relief

My heart goes out to the people in Haiti.

My heart also goes out to these people:

  • 23,704 families with children under 18 below 100% poverty in 2008
  • 17.3 million households with very low food security– more than doubled since 2000
  • 700,000 to 1 million homeless

These stats are not from a poor nation.  They are from right here in the United States.

This post is not written out of hatred, in spite of what angry commenters will likely say.  It’s merely written out of confusion– why is this nation trying to save other nations when it hasn’t got the resources to save itself?  It seems the same as letting your children starve to save someone else’s child.

People should help one another.  We share one world, afterall.  However, it’s a well-known fact among people in the mental health field that you have to take care of yourself in order to be able to help others.  In terms of *all* foreign aid, not just that given to Haiti, the United States seems to have forgotten that principle.


One thought on “No Relief

  1. This is going to sound harsh, but there’s no political gain in helping those at the bottom within our own nation. Canada’s got the same problem.

    The world is not helping Haiti because the people there are suffering. Haiti has been suffering for decades. The world is helping because this is an emergency, and all nations are bonding on behalf of this emergency. Any nation that does not contribute a helping hand would be ostracized. And so, there is political gain in helping Haiti at this moment in time.

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