She Was a Day Sleeper

Working afternoons, taking an early class, and helping out at a doctor’s office makes for a busy schedule. My shift ends at 11:00 PM most nights, and twice a week I have class at 8:00 AM. With a 40 or so minute commute, the day seems to start incredibly earlier. Mondays and Fridays, I work 12:30-4:30 at the doctor’s office. All of that to say I am, at times, a day sleeper. I do not do well with sleeping in the day.

This isn’t a total rant.  Rather, it’s an hysterical account of today.  Because I completely forgot about an outline due today in my class, I had to start working on it after my shift.  I finished it about 2:00 AM, five hours before I had to leave for class.  Then there was that bit about turning off my mind.  That took until 4:00 AM or so, when I finally fell asleep.

Having been back from class for a few hours now, I actually tried to sleep.  That lasted all of 15 minutes or so and then the world took over.  Other people do things during the day.  Odd concept. 🙂  A dear friend phoned and asked me to run an errand for her.  I got an urgent email from another friend.  (Checked email to look for changes to my work schedule.)  Then I remembered an errand *I* needed to run.  And so on…

Who needs sleep?  I got more rest working night shifts.  🙂


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