Shh…My Energy Is Sleeping

I’m fortunate to be spending time with my FOC at the moment. Getting here involves a bit of travelling, so I can’t afford to make the trip frequently. When I *can* come in, though, we all have a great time simply being together. It’s the definition of FOC. We came to a conclusion quite some time ago– their house has life-sucking properties.

My perceptions are relatively strong. I can see auras, as well as energy fields, and I often know things about my friends instinctively. My FOC’s house has always been a place where I can relax. In fact, it’s becoming a place where more and more people can relax. One night, during a meditation, I noticed an energy field within this house. It’s relaxing and peaceful. It’s also strong and widespread. I can feel it immediately upon walking through the door. The difference in the energy outside and the energy inside is phenomenal. Even though most of the others who come through are probably unaware of the energy field, they certainly feel its effects.

My brother-of-choice refers to the effects as malaizy– a sort of extreme inertia. For him, it can be bothersome. I’m wondering if that has to do with a constant exposure. Energy does build up, afterall. Others seem to pick up on this energy as a much needed inertia. The madness of the Universe seems to halt for visitors to this house, moreso than other places. Madness won’t be stopped completely, of course.

For me, visiting here is a chance to be myself completely. I first visited here eight years ago. At the time, I was frightened to even leave a toothbrush visible; I wanted to make sure my existence was noticed as little as possible. Definitely a result of my trauma background. Bit by bit, though, I’m learning to work through some of those issues. I’m learning to process hidden information that must be shoved deeply inside in my daily life. That’s not to say it can’t be scary sometimes still. I’ll probably always try to make myself invisible from time to time. As with trauma survivors in general, though, step by step is necessary. My FOC are great about helping me learn the norms of ‘life out here,’ and I’m thankful for that.


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