Make Mine Linux

As I type this, my computer is resting safely in the knowledge (I hope) that Windows isn’t running.  I booted from my freshly-made Ubuntu Live CD.  I’m ridiculously excited about this.  My brother-of-choice, who has worked in the IT industry for quite some time, is a faithful linux user, and I’ve learnt valuable information about linux/general computer stuff from him.  So here I am, mucking about with an operating system that basically will not crash or become viral.  I like this.  I am also very much a linux amateur.  Feel free to (read: please do) send along any helpful information to this address:



2 thoughts on “Make Mine Linux

  1. Um, …Linux does crash sometimes.
    There are not many viruses for it because people tend to target popular operating systems for viruses, but at the same time, it does have security holes that *could* be exploited by a virus at some point.

    That said, I just installed Linux (Fedora) and I find it uber fun.

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