The Disappearing Blogger…

It occurred to me today that I should update this blog.  And the other blog, for that matter.  My disappearance from the blogosphere can be explained in one word: school.  Summer courses are incredibly difficult.  I’m currently taking a course that condenses 16 weeks of material into 6 weeks.  Absolute madness.  I’m taking a shorter course as well.  Even though I spent *hours* studying almost every day, I’m behind.  Professors have a socially accepted form of torture.

So what else is new, you ask dear reader.  Not a great deal.  I and mine just went through a ridiculously difficult time of it regarding flashbacks.  Something in therapy started a chain of SRA programming that threw me into near constant flashbacks for a week.  My grip on reality was nonexistent for a few days, and I had to be very careful after my mind returned.  The memories involved human experimentation and all sorts of lovely activities.  Odd things turned into triggers, so I had to become *very* aware of my internal climate, lest I lose my grip and go completely off my face.  Very happy to report that things have settled nicely since then.  I’m back to the socially accepted torture mentioned above.  🙂

And my best friend and I are going away for a long weekend starting Thursday!  We’re both quite excited.  He could use time away from his semi-mad family, and I could use time away from studies.  We’re going to a nearby city that we both enjoy and haven’t visited in quite some time.  It will be absolutely lovely.  Hopefully, I’ll get a few nice photos out of it (and scan them in since my digital camera is now resting at peace) and a few nice memories as well.  We are both looking *so* forward!

That’s my blogging update, then.  Classes end in a few weeks, and I’ll make my grand re-entrance to the blog world soon after.   🙂


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