I seem to have found myself a bit pregnant.  Now, for the those of you who are still breathing or have regained consciousness, let me explain that little experience.  Mairead had been having an on-again off-again relationship with someone.  At first, I knew about the relationship and was OK with it.  Yes, the relationship was sexual in nature, but both parties knew nothing long term was going to come of it, and both parties were being careful.  Please don’t berate my decision-making.  Every system is different.  Anyway, I asked specifically that Mairead call the relationship off entirely, and I personally participated in that ending.  A couple of weeks ago, though, someone noticed I was nauseous every morning and asked, as a joke, if I was pregnant.  I started to say no, but Mairead popped up with an ‘I don’t know.’  My classmates must have been quite concerned that the colour would never return to my face.

That weekend, I showed up at my best friend’s flat with a home pregnancy test in hand.  After waiting the five minutes that seemed like five years, we checked the test.  It was negative.  A week of nausea and the realisation that my period was very late passed, and I purchased two more pregnancy tests.  My best friend is male, and I’m guessing he hadn’t timed many pregnancy tests before that day.  The five minute eternity passed again, and two pink lines glared back at us from the test.  I was in a bit of a shock, so I waited a few minutes, ripped open the next package, and went to try that little test again.  Five minutes later, two more pink lines popped by.  At this point, my best friend made the astute observation that, ‘Girlfriend, you might be pregnant.’  Two positive home tests and the sound of the baby’s heart beat at my Friday morning appointment with the obstetrician can’t be wrong.  In June, an outside little person will become part of my life.  There’s much more to say, both in terms of my inside folks and their reactions, as well as in terms of the reaction of my best friend’s mother and brother, but I’ll save that for a future post, as I am currently falling asleep at the keyboard.

A dear friend once told me that different isn’t always bad.  It’s just different.  This difference is just another spot to incorporate into life and move forward.  I’m actually looking forward to meeting this child.  He or she has only existed for 11 weeks, but there are already so many loving people waiting to welcome this child into the world.

Different isn’t always bad.  Just different.


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