My daughter was stillborn on Monday, 27 Dec. at 3:17 AM. I had been having cramps and spotty bleeding, but nothing showed up on ultrasound, so the OB wasn’t overly concerned. He just told me to rest and keep watch on things. Late the night of the 26th, though, the cramps developed in contractions and the mild bleeding became heavy. The baby and I suffered a placental abruption, and she did not survive. Since she was fully formed, I had to deliver her as one would deliver a live child. However, she was still too young to live outside the womb. I picked up her ashes this morning, and we will be holding a memorial ceremony for her next week. This is a pain I cannot describe, and I extend my great love and thanks to those who are supporting me. The world has turned upside down and hung suspended in what feels like nothingness. My FOC are doing everything they can to set the world at least partially right. I can’t thank them enough.


6 thoughts on “Stillness

    • Thank you for the support. I’m so very sorry you have had to cope with similar losses and hope that you’ve found strength somewhere in your journey. Take care.

  1. Thank you for sharing your sad, tragic news. There are no
    words adequate enough to express my sympathy. Take care of

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