If you haven’t seen the television show Torchwood, go and do it now. Seriously. My brother-of-choice recommended the programme to me quite some time ago, but, shock upon shock, it’s a bit difficult to find sci-fi British television shows in small-town America. Last night, my best friend and I happened across part of the first season on DVD at the local library. We didn’t have time to watch it last night, but I watched an episode earlier this morning. And then another. I likely would have watched the entire last half of the first series, but I forced myself to stop. Bloody brilliant.

The premise of the show is something that will sound not-so-fictional for SRA survivors who come from, shall we say, ‘higher’ generations. The premise of the show is that Captain Jack Harkness, a time traveller from C51, is leading an elite underground force (told you) called Torchwood. They fight extraterrestrials and other sci-fi sorts of threats to humanity. Their underground base is in a sort of time rift. (Do I have to keep saying ‘told you’ to those familiar with SRA higher ups or can that be assumed from here out?) They also name themselves as a separate group from any other.

Of particular interest to me is the hexagonal shape used to form the symbol of Torchwood and frame the pictures of the actors.

Thoughts, anyone? Remember, email is always welcome, as well. Just click the ‘Email me’ link on the home page. I will say, though, that if you are an SRA survivor, be very *very*cautious if you choose to watch this show. I think it’s bloody brilliant, but my situation is odd, to say the least.


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