One by one they fell like dominoes,

She by her own hand.

The fundamental loss.

Twelve years old and she’d had enough.

Her body limp and bleeding,

Cold flesh I’ll always remember.


He fell next.

Car screaming through the wind.

Useless brakes as he watched.

I wonder sometimes if he was afraid.

I wonder if he even knew.


Then my mother tumbled,

She, too, by her own hand.


A forever decision.

Was it really, as she said, my fault?


The last of the living fell away when my father died.

A blast of metal.

An echoed sound in my mind,

His life becoming stains on my clothing.

His eyes, minutes before, had been so happy.


The end of the end came with her.

A chance for happiness

Gone before she took her first tiny breath.

I hold her in my heart and mind.

I’ll look for her forever.


The lone domino still standing,

I live with their ghosts.

The restless spirits who roamed the world

Have now passed into nothingness.

One by one they fell

Like dominoes.


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