Old Men in Big Boats

There’s been rather alot of flooding in this area.  In fact, our back porch has become a swimming pool, successfully ruining several books and photographs stored there, as well as a set of furniture and a small television.  Annoying, yes, but it could have been *much* worse.  The whole situation will be worse if the strained levees along the Ohio River break.  The river is expected to crest on 3 May.  My eyes will be on the levee til that passes and the water starts to drop.

Lily, along with a few of the other internal little ones, is absolutely terrified by all of this.  She’s scared of storms, anyway, so the days of storms we’ve had got her a bit put off.  Then, she heard people talking of the ‘end times.’  That prompted her to text my best friend yesterday and complain about the disappearing roads.  So far, our road remains open.  Lily is just bothered by all of the talk of catastrophic flooding, none of which has happened.  As long as that bloody levee holds, we’ll be fine.

We’re expecting another 9-13 inches of water by mid-week, then a brief period of clearing, then a bit more storms.  Always fun and exactly what we needed.  The state is under emergency, so we’re at least building resources.  Floodwalls are closed, and sandbags are in place.  That further upset Little Peoples, even though it means we’re getting prepared.  Little Peoples remember the ice storm of 2009.

In fact, we all remember that storm.  A bit of a drive down highways makes it obvious, as there are still broken trees everywhere.  As well, we know the newly-constructed monuments and buildings taking the place of stuff that was broken.  My therapist said she actually thought she might try EMDR to help her with memories of the ice storm, especially now that we’re facing flooding.  Too many of us have been taken back to that odd time period.

Thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches are out now.  I will be so glad when this is over.

These pictures were taken after the first round of flooding.  This round has dumped enough to raise the river another 8 feet than it was at the time I took these.

Flooded upper-level park

Bench at upper-level park

Top Markers on Upper-level Walkways

No Parking Sign, mid-level lot


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