Torchwood Triggers

This post could be *very* triggering to folks with an SRA background. Please be careful.

I *love* Torchwood. The first two series, that is. I haven’t seen the third series, a 5-episode miniseries called ‘Children of the Earth.’ Series Four is ‘Miracle Day.’ The show has been absolutely ruined, in my opinion. It’s like a crime/conspiracy show. I’m an SRA survivor. I have no problems at all believing in supposed conspiracies. I know quite well that many of them are true. However, the sensationalistic plot lines in this installment of Torchwood are more likely to perpetuate the belief that things like government conspiracies don’t exist. Perhaps enough information is being put in to each episode to allow *dis*information to make it through undetected.

Torchwood rant aside, I feel it necessary to warn others with an SRA background that very serious triggers pop up at times. In this series, everyone is immortal, causing an immediate overcrowding of the Earth. Last night’s episode included categorising people in to qualities of life and locking those who were ‘walking dead’ in to ‘modules.’ These camps were set up in unused army bases. Imagine that. Part of it involved ‘extermination’ of people who were alive but should have been dead based on their injuries. They were locked in to what amounted to large ovens on the army bases and burnt alive. One character was even conscious. Immortality, governments categorising life and death, camps on army bases, human extermination. Sounds like your average underground Tuesday, no?

*Please* be careful if you or someone you know are an SRA survivor interested in Torchwood. This latest installment will not likely be safe for you. Don’t make the mistake I did and have flashbacks for hours just from one episode. I have yet to calm down even the physical symptoms. Take care of yourselves. We’ve all been through enough…


3 thoughts on “Torchwood Triggers

  1. I just happened across your blog by random clickings and just wanted to say thank you.

    I don’t know anyone IRL that is an SRA survivor, but I think it is wonderful that you took the time to post about something that could save another “accidental visitor” some unnecessary pain.

    Triggers are not really something you can prevent, but in this case, you have done the best anyone can do!

    • Lily- thanks very much for your kind words. I really hope this blog is helpful to SRA folks & trauma survivors in general. We have to stick together! Hope you find some helpful stuff here, as well.

      PS- I have a 4-yr-old alter called Lily, so you’ll happen upon that name from time to time if you browse through posts. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the warning. I sometimes can handle movies and shows that might trigger me enough to get me to talk but I don’t think this is one of them. I love tv shows and although I have not come across of Torchwood yet I would gave eventually. Now I know to pass it by. Never understood human fascination with horror and torture movies and shows. I guess to most people it can never be real and they like adrenaline rush of being scared while safely on a comfortable couch inside their own home. Some of us, though, have lived through worst possible things and don’t care to entertain ourselves by watching it again. Horrors inside our heads are enough for us and we can’t just turn it off like they can turn off tv.
    (((( safe hugs)))) if ok.

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