Therapy Resolution

I’m very happy to say my issues with the former therapist cleared up quickly.  Actually, I felt better the next day.  I just waited a bit to post about it because I wanted to be sure it was more settled.  What made the difference is realising the issue was not personal.  My old therapist made a *huge* mistake, and for me, it had terrible ramifications.  However, she did not set out to hurt me.  She actually wanted to be helpful.  When someone damages you by accident, you can’t take it as an attack on who you are; rather, it’s simply a misunderstanding or a misdeed.  That was definitely true in this case.

On Saturday, I bought a thank you card for the former therapist, and I sent it to her on Monday.  I truly do appreciate all of the hard work she did with me and the lessons she taught me.  No doubt she’ll help many people.  She is a very young therapist, and I’m hoping what happened between us will make her more cautious about promising things to future clients.  And let’s face it- she’s already worked with an upper-level SRA survivor this early in her career.  What else could she face? 🙂

I have no regrets about the work the therapist and I did.  I only regret that we can’t move forward with that.  We’ll see what happens with the new therapist.  I still don’t see myself talking about detailed SRA stuff, but that’s OK.  Everything happens in its own time.  I just have to remember that.  Until then, I’ll work with the new therapist on more ‘normal’ issues and feel out whether I should discuss the darker stuff.


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