Anger & Outrage

Life isn’t fair.  The world isn’t fair.  I know all of those things, but some days the world is far too cruel.  A dear friend of mine lost several cats during our recent flooding.  Some drowned, and some ended up being put down in shelters.  We did all we could to save them, but we couldn’t save them all.  Today, we had to put down a five-month-old kitten who had been with my friend throughout her short little life.

Ginny was born on my friend’s front porch.  She found the kitty very early in the morning, so newly born that she was still covered in the birthing fluids.  Immediately, my friend loved her.  Over the next few months, we all got to love her.  She was such a sweet, rambunctious little thing.  She developed joint pain, and we took her to the vet who did an x-ray.  They should have done blood work at that time.

She got better for a bit, and seemed perfectly fine.  Then, she developed more joint pain.  We took her to a different vet, as the first seemed to have no idea where to start with treating her.  I dropped her off at the animal hospital this morning, and we got a phone call this afternoon telling us that, although she had tested negative for feline leukaemia, testing her a second time revealed that she did have FIV, which is the feline version of HIV.  The vet said we could try a course of antibiotics, but likely it would only delay the inevitable.  So, Ginny’s little life had to be ended today.  We all miss her very much.

I’ll never understand why things like this happen.  Family members of both the human and the animal sort, come in to our lives for such a short period sometimes.  They either go quickly or suffer, and those left behind suffer always.  If there is anything that rules this Universe, I do not even pretend to understand its motivation or the reason behind its cruelty.  Small beings that die rock the foundation of everything.

Why, if they are only to die soon after their birth, are these little ones allowed to exist?  When my daughter was stillborn, people told me to rejoice in the fact that I had any time with her at all.  The mother in me understands that to be absolutely true.  The outraged and confused part of me wants to question the reason behind it all.  Little ones– human or animal– should never die.  I don’t understand why they do.


One thought on “Anger & Outrage

  1. ((((hugs)))). I wish I knew answer to that question. I only know one thing – I witness too many lifes of little precious ones lost and never had an answer as to why. each and every time I begged Them and God for life to be spared. Almost each time I was denied and so were tlittle ones. I don’t think I will ever understand this, except learning that They have more power then God because I never accepted that God wanted it.

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