Making Things Happen

I get to see my old therapist again!!!!  The plan I outlined in the previous post worked!  Surprisingly, the drug company rep who answered the phone was quite helpful and reassuring.  Continuing with their programme will merely require that I update contact information.  The meds and appropriate forms can be sent directly to my house.  All I need is an updated prescription from the new psychiatrist, as I’ll need to reapply soon.

As far as changing psychiatrists, a friend is helping me with the first visit, which is rather expensive.  The subsequent visits are quite a bit more expensive that the fees at the subsidised clinic, of course, but they’re not even close to what I thought they’d be.  They’re less than the cost for a visit to my gp.  I’ll make that work by taking out some of the ‘wiggle room’ money in my budget.  I’ll also pick up sub shifts at work whenever possible.  This is worth it.

I’m going to close my file at the old clinic on Tuesday.  I was set to do so Friday, but my bloody car broke down.  The thermostat literally fell off.  Simply knowing I’ll be able to see my old therapist again helps me handle all of the stressors in my life, though.  She was literally squealing with delight and told me I’d made her year.  She and I had such an amazing client-therapist relationship.  As hard as it might be, I’m ready to start working on putting the pieces back together again.


4 thoughts on “Making Things Happen

  1. How Wonderful! Look at how powerful you are to create a plan that works in your interest! Kudos to your brilliance!

    Full steam ahead…. keep us posted : )

    • Susan, thanks so much! It is *not* like me to get that proactive about my own healthcare. I’m right there if anyone else needs an advocate, but it’s harder when advocating for yourself, don’t you think? It’s a great relief to me, though. Thanks for your support! I will post on how things go from here.

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