That is my general response to most things these days.  To say things are overwhelming is quite the understatement, even for someone with my background.  With the therapy piece in place, everything else fell apart.  I’ve been trying to update this blog, but my cognitive abilities are being thwarted a bit by rogue medication dosages.  More specifically, I’ve had to drop my Lamictal dosage from 400 mg/day to 100 mg/day, and Cognitive Chaos has ensued.

In all honesty, I’m not thinking clearly enough to write a coherent detailed blog post.  Currently, I have a therapist in place, no psychiatrist, and a prescription that should have run out already.  I’m maintaining with great effort, but my work is really suffering.  Starting to worry about losing my job, even, but hoping things get sorted before then.  My processing speed is very, very slow, and I forget things quickly.  I feel like my IQ has gone negative.

All of that said, we’re just waiting to hear back from a variety of doctors to see who can and will help.  Until then, the word of the day is simply ‘maintain.’


One thought on “Huh?

  1. I’m sorry you are having a hard time. Been there, done that… it gets better.

    I have my faceboook page up and running. You might find it useful to connect with others. I also have my book, Let’s Talk About Child Abuse for sell. It might be a good source for a general perspective.

    Take care. ‘Maintain” is a good work of choice!

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