Happy Birthday to…Me?

I sent myself a birthday gift last week, completely by accident.  The US Postal Service was a great help in that regard.  Now that I (might)  have your attention, let me tell the rest of this little experience.

The founding member of my FOC has a birthday round this time of year.  I can’t afford a great deal, but I do try to send along something to celebrate an amazing day.  Last week, I brought the box to our local post office, all patched up and addressed.  The clerk behind the counter scanned the package, gave me a ticket, and sent me on my way.  It wasn’t until I was halfway home that I realised something was wrong.

The conversation between the clerk and me played back through my mind.  “It will get there tomorrow,” the clerk had said.  I didn’t question it at the time, as I carried along with my busy day.  However, the package was set to travel roughly 1000 miles.  That’s a very quick overnight trip for standard postal charges.

Here’s the problem: the clerk entered in to the computer that the package was being sent FROM my PO box address TO my PO Box address.  I know those blokes are busy.  Still, if someone came to me with a package addressed for a box three steps away, I would pause long enough to check that the information was correct.  This is a bit irritating.

So on our actual letterbox attached to our house is a package labelled ‘priority mail’ via a label I printed from the USPS click-n-ship option.  I figure if I print the actual label and stop the postman to make sure the label is read, the package might actually start its trek to the right destination.

If not, this gift will be three months late, as I’ll have to bring it when I visit my FOC.  Crossed fingers the little box finds its way to its knew home.


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