Name that Alter

I’m quite familiar with many types of alters, being quite familiar with many DID systems.  However, there is a specific alter type that I can’s seem to find.  This alter functions *like* and introject, but she doesn’t quite meet that criteria.  She follows a similar behavioural pattern to an outside abuser, uses many of the same phrases, and just seems to have the same attitude.  However, unlike most introjects, she knows she’s part of a system, and she doesn’t look anything like the abuser she seems to represent.

Here’s the issue.  This alter has absolutely no self-confidence and actually seems to think that her existence/the existence of the entire lot is damaging to everyone on the outside, as well as the inside.  Nothing she (or the host) does is ever enough.  Nothing anyone in the system does is ever enough, for that matter.  My best friend describes it as ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’  That sounds about right.

So we have an alter who is, in thought and behavioural pattern, just about identical to an abuser.  Classic definition of introject.  But she’s quite aware of her place in a system, and she’s 30 years younger than the abuser she’s imitating.  Any thoughts on *type* of alter?


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