Suicide Awareness & Education

Over the next month (November 2012), I am going to be putting together resources for a post and/or page about suicide awareness and education.  This is in memory of my sister.  As someone who has survived the loss of two people from suicide and who has attempted it herself, I feel very passionately about making information available to people.  My therapist and I are working very hard on grief issues, particularly surrounding my sister’s death.  For the first time since her death almost twelve years ago, I feel strong enough to do something like this in her honour.

My plan is to arrange information in a series of posts under the categories ‘suicide’ and ‘suicide awareness’ depending on the amount of information gathered.  If you have anything you’d like to share– stories, resources, et c– please contact me by email at  You can also click on ‘Email me’ on the homepage of this site.  I understand that anonymity is imperative.  When you email, please let me know how you would like the information credited.  You don’t have to be a survivor of suicide, someone who has attempted suicide, or anything like that.  The only requirement is that you have something to add to the conversation.  Please note, though, that extremely graphic information could be turned down or at least marked as triggering.  Again, it depends on how much information is received.

Thanks so much for all your help.  Let’s do this for those we love and all those touched by suicide.


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