Dark Days: an original poem

Dark Days

These are the dark days
When everything around you turns to death
When night takes on a life all its own
And wreaks havoc among the beings of the light

These are the days when nothing feels the same
Life is a hall of mirrors
Each reflecting a monster
Overtaking sanity and faith

These are the days of pain and anger
Of hurt unspoken, screaming to be avenged
Of memories whispered in shadows
And scars blazing in the sun

There was a time long ago
When roses bloomed through ice
When thorns were soft as silk
And tears were simply sunrays

Those were the light days
Before time started to fail
Before life became unbearably short
Before tombstones became timelines

Those were the days when everything felt steady
Life was a summer afternoon
Flowers blowing in the breeze
Filling the air with beauty and wonder

Those were the days of peace and laughter
Of love promised, given freely
Of comfort in time of need
And protection surrounding a family

Now is the time of grief
When sorrow takes your hand
And leads you through its garden of darkness
With hope, trailing slowly in the distance


4 thoughts on “Dark Days: an original poem

  1. Wow, very cool. Especially like the last two lines… the image kinda sticks with ya.

    And what’s funny is that I wrote on my blog just 2 days earlier… not about “Dark Days” but about “Black days, full of bitter eyes…”

    I think we may know similar gardens of darkness…

    — SynthGirl

    • SynthGirl- Thanks! Putting poetry out there for all to see is nerve-wracking for me, and I’m glad to hear you liked it. Yeah, those dark gardens can be real buggers. Poetry can help lead us through, no?

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