Active Denial

This post is aimed at helping others who have an SRA background.  By its very nature, though, any information about SRA can be triggering to survivors.  If you are a survivor, please take care whilst reading.

There are *things* going on in the world right now.  Triggering things about wars, possible wars, and all sorts of lovely potential disasters.  We’re bombarded with information about society’s failings, and everyone seems to have a story of death or destruction.  I’d like to propose a strategy: active denial.  Hear me out.  Therapy is excellent for dealing with programming when it gets set off, as well as for identifying and defusing triggers.  When *life* becomes a trigger, though, sometimes ignoring bits really is the best way to go.

I need to remain functional.  Therefore, I am allowing certain bits to pass through undetected.  I’m avoiding news programmes at all costs and being very careful about conversations.  If something feels like it could lead in to a trigger subject, I’m quick to ask the person if we could please choose another subject.  It’s not rude– it’s self-preservation.  Even last year, I would never have been able to take that perspective.

This morning, I told my therapist about this active denial, and she’s fine with it.  When and if things *do* get triggering, I’ll bring it up to her.  If I should happen to hear or see something that gets me quite upset, I’ll simply phone the therapist, and she will calm me down.  With that safeguard in place, I’m able to push aside triggering news bits that I can’t change and carry on with my life.  I won’t ignore past triggers, nor will I ignore SRA memories as they come.  I’m simply avoiding things that can create new reactions.

If you are a survivor of SRA, my message to you is *please* keep going.  Please know you are so much more than what you were put through, and you will be OK, no matter what they’ve told you.  Healing is possible, and the best part is you have all the tools you need for healing inside yourself!


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