Finding the Lighter Side

Healing doesn’t always have to be about digging deeply in to the recesses of your mind and bringing to light those things which you have repressed.  It can also be hysterical.  Take, for instance, laundry.  This morning, I switched out jumpers for lighter shirts and was bemoaning the very short sleeves known as ‘women’s styles.’  Not enough coverage for someone whose arms are above average size, house self-injury scars, and are marked with an identifying satanic symbol.  Then a thought occurred to me about a new advert for tees.  I could almost hear the far-too-eager announcer’s voice:

It’s Spring again, ladies and gents, and what do we all need?  Long sleeved tees! In breathable fabric, bright Spring colours, and flirty Summer styles.  Perfect for those freshly cut arms!

Yes.  Healing can be funny sometimes.  In fact, it just has to be.  🙂


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