52 Book Challenge: Week Ten

Last week was almost a disaster.  The Lord of the Rings is divided in to three parts.  Unless we’re referring to the anthology in which I am reading them.  It is divided in to six parts.  I didn’t realise that and found myself 160 pages from finishing The Fellowship of the Ring on Friday.  My heart sank.  I was about to lose the challenge, and all for a stupid mistake.  I thought about graduate school and all the reading I had to do through that time.  Then, resolve strengthened, I finished the bloody book in two days.  Yes, that’s right.  I read half of The Fellowship of the Ring in two days just to complete last week’s challenge book.  My brain *still* hurts.

I’ve moved on to The Two Towers now and am enjoying it, particularly since I don’t have to read like a mad woman.  If nothing else, I have it easy by comparison.


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