52 Book Challenge: Escape Clause

After much thought and a great amount of regret, I’ve decided to give up the challenge.  Personal issues are taking over my ability to concentrate, and the challenge is starting to add to the overwhelm.  On a less important note, it’s also stopped being fun.  I feel like I’m forcing myself to read now, rather than enjoying it.  That’s a problem.

My new challenge is quite alot easier– I am challenging myself to at least read every day.  I won’t worry about meeting a deadline or dividing books in to equal sections.  Instead, I’ll just read.  After all, the whole point of doing this challenge was to get myself reading more.  I’ll still finish books by reading a bit every day.  Just not as quickly.  That is more do-able for me at this time.  Maybe I’ll pick back up with the challenge next year.  Maybe I won’t.  Life is about adapting to meet your needs as well as possible without being truly counter-productive.  This is my adaptation of the 52 Book Challenge.

Good luck to all of you who are carrying on!


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