Since this page is somehow relatively popular with readers, I thought I would actually update it. šŸ™‚

There’s not alot about me that I’d be willing to share on something as huge as the Internet, so here’s a stream of consciousness that says not alot in rather alot of words.

I’m a dreamer. I read too much, write too much, aspire to play too much. My fingers bleed from guitar, ache from piano, and I enjoy every minute.

I’m English, and I like the rain which is how I got my screen name. Sometimes I feel lost but then I’m always found again. I like going out to fancy restaurants and crashing in old pyjamas on my best friend’s couch. I’ve been a cat lady since my teens. Sometimes I take on the problems of the world just to avoid mine.

And I blog about everything that dances through my mind, even if it all amounts to nothing.


Contact me to talk about anything that crosses your mind.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your stream-of-consciousness writing style, and I love the rain, too. Your expressiveness is refreshing. Thanks for sharing what you feel comfortable to.

    I got here via Emily First Girl’s blog. Nice to meet you!


  2. Hi Englishrain!

    My name is Chelsea Bowers and I am the Development Director at RAINN. I came across your blog because you’ve mentioned RAINN in your writing and I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your support. Looks like you’ve got quite a following with your blog. I really enjoy your writing style!

    I am contacting you today to share with you an opportunity to help victims of sexual assault and abuse through writing. I am not sure if you’re familiar, but there is an event called “Blogathon 2009” coming up on July 25th. It involves agreeing to blog for up to 24 hours for a charity of your choice, in an effort to raise money and awareness for a cause that is important to you. If you are interested in taking part, please visit http://www.blogathon.org/, or contact me with questions. I can help you to secure sponsors, etc.

    Thank you so much, Englishrain, and I look forward to hearing back from you.



    • Chelsea– Thanks so much for your compliment about my writing style! It’s always good to hear that people enjoy reading the blog.

      The ‘Rainn’ I referred to is actually someone’s name. šŸ™‚ While I won’t be able to participate in Blogathon this year, I wholly support the work your organisation does and will pass along the information to other bloggers who might be able to help. I’ll make a specific post about Blogathon for RAINN as well. Hopefully, someone reading the blog will be able to help as well.

      Thanks very much for your interest in my blog, and best of luck!

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