Cool Songs

I always browse over sections like this on others’ websites, so I wanted to add one to my own.  Some are geared towards specific darker subjects, and some are just cool songs– we all need a bit of lightness from time to time.  For that reason, I’ll categorise them.  There will likely be rather a large range.  I’m not particularly a fan of country music, so naturally the first song listed is a one such song.  Anyway, I’ll add more as I think of them. Hope you enjoy!

Abuse/Survivor Stuff

‘House of Cards’ — Mary Chapin Carpenter

‘Two Beds and a Coffee Machine’ — Savage Garden (very cheesy group, very beautiful song)

‘Ghost Story’ — Sting (reminds me of my father)

‘The Hardest Part’ — Coldplay

‘Full of Grace’ — Sarah McLachlan

‘Time’ — Sarah McLachlan

Just Cool Songs

‘Behind Blue Eyes’ — The Who

‘Hey There Delilah’ — Plain White T’s

‘Walking Through You’ — Justin Currie

‘Move Away Jimmy Blue’ — Del Amitri

‘Be My Downfall’ — Del Amitri (and just about anything else they did…)

‘Ten Years Gone’ — Led Zeppelin

‘Black Dog’ — Led Zeppelin

‘Going to California’ — Led Zeppelin (very soft and acoustic-sounding)

‘Hey Landlord’ — Joe Cocker

‘Montana’ — Frank Zappa

‘In My Life’ — The Beatles (and just about anything they did as well…)

‘Michelle’ — The Beatles (sont DES mots qui vont tres bien ensemble)  (So there, David!)

‘Parisienne Walkways’ — Gary Moore

‘Dulaman’ — Celtic Woman

‘Caledonia’ — Celtic Woman

‘Never Saw Blue’ — as done by Hayley Westenra

BWV 944 from ‘Fantasia and Fugue’ in A Minor — JS Bach  (The harpsichord solo is virtuoso in its richest form.)

‘Waiting for My Real Life to Begin’ — Colin Hay

‘Ordinary Miracle’ — Sarah McLachlan

‘Englishman in New York’ — Sting

‘Moon Over Bourbon Street’ — Sting

‘Hallelujah’– as done by John Cale


6 thoughts on “Cool Songs

  1. It is good to see Justin Currie on that list of cool songs. Brilliant song writer…so good in fact, that he does not look out of place at all beside the words “Beatles” and Zeppelin.

  2. Tsk, tsk, tsk. There’s not a single 80’s song on this list. I know this must be a mistake. However, you needn’t worry. I will do you the honor of providing you with a list of quality 80’s song.

    There…crisis averted!

    • For the readers who don’t know, this is a long-standing joke between my best friend (the musically-challenged M) and me. And now, dear M, I must remind you that mine is a list of cool songs. 80’s songs, by their very nature, don’t belong there. 🙂

  3. I think I understand the true reason behind the 80’s songs omission. The intensity of 80’s songs, with their beats, passion, and fire, may be too much for a “Cool songs” list. Therefore, you can create a “Hot songs” list. You have to keep me around for all my wonderful ideas.

    I have one more suggestion. Actually, this was something that Ughlet! pointed out. ‘Dulaman’ should have an additional name…”The Seaweed Song.” Just letting you know that you forgot to put the second name there, and that suggestion goes out to USF! USF! USF!

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