Suicide Awareness & Education

You’ll find information and personal stories/writings about suicide scattered throughout this blog.  I wanted to collect some information to place here, though, so that people who need it quickly can find it easily.  Please browse the tags, categories, and links specific to the subject, as well.  Some of the information might be triggering, depending on your background and current mental state.  Take care whilst reading.

This is also a work in progress.  If you have information to add, contact me at  Upon reviewing the information and gaining appropriate permissions, I will publish the contributions.

And remember that– even in the darkest of times– the light can return.



Clicking on a link will open the page in a new window.

American Society for Suicide Prevention

Suicide: Read This First  — This site has been so helpful to me in my most suicidal of times.

Samaritans  — suicide outreach in the UK & Ireland

US Suicide Hotlines

The Trevor Project — suicide prevention in the LGBTQ youth population



These documents are courtesy of Jean M Buck, a psychotherapist who has lost someone from suicide and has herself attempted suicide.  The links will open MS Word documents containing her dissertation on the stigma of suicide.  I am grateful for her contribution!

JBuck- Cover page

JBuck- Contents

JBuck- Dissertation


Links to posts on this blog

These are pages I’ve written chronicling my own experience with suicidal ideation and attempts, as well dealing with losing loved ones to suicide.  I hope the posts are helpful, if only in showing people that they are not alone.

Happy Anniversary of Sorts


In the End — (might be triggering!!)

The Initial Loss


Still Here


Odd Reactions




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