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Successful Bloggers

I’ve always found that idea interesting.  What makes one a ‘successful’ blogger?  Sure, some make money on blogging.  But what makes that blog any more successful than the blog with That One Post which helped That One Person?  Blogging is interesting.

As bloggers, we all assume the Internet could use what we have to post.  For many (read: most) bloggers, this involves finding a central topic and writing posts about that.  These blogs give perspective.  We, as readers, get to see a person’s views on a topic given many different ways.  These blogs allow us to think through the main topics, as well.

Other blogs follow a set format.  They focus on pictures, give the daily news or provide a type of commentary on many different topics.  These are the blogs that show their topics.  I enjoy blogs like this; it’s easier, sometimes, to say in pictures what can’t be said in words.  I’m grateful to bloggers with that sense of creativity.

So there are bloggers with topics and bloggers with templates, all organised and neat.  And then there’s this blog, disorganised and wild, much like its creator.  Success, for me, would mean that this blog has reached That One Person who has benefited from the mental health knowledge and experience passed along, as well as That One Person who just needed a laugh and happened to find it on these pages.

Thanks for reading, folks.  You are the success of this blog.

Problems with Commenting

A lovely reader just alerted me via email of a problem posting comments.  If anyone has got a message saying their comment cannot be posted, please know that you aren’t being ignored.  There is apparently a problem with the Comment Gods, as I’m not getting notices of pending comments at all.  Sorry about that!

I will try to suss this out as soon as possible.  In the meantime, please feel free to email me with anything you’d like to say.  Click the ’email me’ link on the sidebar or just send a message to

Thank You

This blog is growing in popularity every day it seems, and I wanted to say thanks to all of my readers.  Over the years, your emails and comments, as well as the simple fact that statistics show you’re reading, have enriched my life.  I hope you’ve found something useful here, as well!

Given the subject of late, I should say I’m not writing a farewell here.  I plan to keep blogging as long as people keep reading.  Just voicing my appreciation to all of you.  Thanks!  🙂

It’s That Time Again!

December is a dark month for me, and things have happened in recent years to make it even darker.  Still, every year since I started this blog, I’ve redecorated with this lovely festive snowy background at the start of each December.    It brightens the look of this collection of thoughts that can sometimes be so black.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


In the spirit of tradition and the hope that, perhaps, I will add a tinge of cheery to this dreary blog, I am redecorating it with this holiday theme.  With any luck, it will be the start of a more tolerable time.  If nothing else, it’s a small way to contribute to the holidays without expending a great deal of energy.  My enthusiasm is lacking.

I wish happiness and cheer to those celebrating, gentle comfort to those in pain, and peace to everyone, regardless of place or circumstance.  Peace is, in the end, the only thing that will get us through.



Each one cuts a little deeper.

Jagged paths that leave shrapnel in their wake.

Yet their destination is simple:

They go straight through to the soul.

Sparkling silver blades

Reflect the darkness left behind

As body and mind are stripped

Of all that makes a person human.

Scabs thicken around each wound

Creating a shell where a person used to be.

Grief unimaginable shows in the eyes

Even when the shell is smiling.

Forever changed.

The world forever darkened.

Hope replaced by terrible knowledge.

As one scar starts to heal,

As one scab peels away,

The knives cut through again.