Talking of Bipolar Disorder

Into A Pearl by the esteemed Justin Currie reminds me of what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder.  It’s not likely the inspiration for his song, but it really struck me.  The aspect of a ‘stranger in your world’ that ‘only you can smother’ speaks to me.  Justin is by far my favourite singer.  The front man of Del Amitri (my favourite band), he has a flawless solo career.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him twice in concert and would follow him all over the world if I could.  I never tire of hearing him.  Anyway, give the song a listen.  You might just relate to it, as well.


Justin Currie News

I was thrilled to find that Justin Currie has released a second solo CD, ‘The Great War.’  After having listened to the samples on Amazon, a unanimous verdict was reached:  We must have this CD.  🙂  Granted, I’m incredibly biased in that there are only three Del Amitri songs that I don’t actually like, and I’ve listened to Justin’s first solo CD (‘What Is Love For’) far too many times. From the samples I’ve heard and from previous knowledge of this truly gifted artist’s work, I *highly* recommend this disc.  (His being ridiculously handsome is a bonus.)  🙂

You can find more information on Currie’s website:

A Message to Those Far Away

To Alan, to let you know that I do feel your presence and will take you with me as I go through this next week. Please take care of the one you took with you. All my love, for now and always…


Walking Through You – Justin Currie from the album ‘What Is Love For’

In the evening, when you’re blue
You will feel me walking through you
When you’re crying, that’s my cue
My reminding, walking through you

When you’re singing something true
I’ll be listening, walking through you
And those memories that you lose
I can find them, walking through you

When you dance, and you’re baby’s dancing, too
Then I will walk through you

In the windows, in the view
There’s a shadow walking through you
When you’re cold, when you’re cruel
That’s my sorrow, walking through you

When you wake in the silence of your room
Then I will walk through you

The Oblivious Week So Far

I say oblivious because my others have been out quite alot more than me this week.

Yesterday Mairead and I got the gift we’ve been waiting for– Justin Currie’s solo CD called ‘What Is Love For.’  I know this will come as a great surprise to the regular visitors here, but I highly recommend the disc.  My favourite is track three ‘Walking Through You,’ but several of the songs have stuck in my head.  It’s definitely a different sound from his work with Del Amitri, darker somehow.  The songs are somewhat more structured, too.  In most there is a definite chorus or refrain, unlike alot of the DA stuff.  Not that I don’t absolutely love basically every song he’s ever done.  Excellent disc, beautiful songs, and that lovely voice.  How could you possibly go wrong with a combination like that?

In other news, I’m preparing for a trip to visit my FOC.  I’ve missed them all terribly.  It will be great to be with people who accept me as I am.  I’ve been feeling incredibly out of sorts lately, as I’ve lost that feeling of belonging somewhere.  Maybe I’ll find that feeling, pack it up in my suitcase, and bring it back with me.  What a lovely souvenir.  Lily is also ecstatic about the trip.  She feels very safe around ‘the people’ and gets quite the laugh out of there excitable and lovable dog.  This will be a welcome escape.

And for your reading pleasure, check out this story about a woman who was determined to get her licence.  I’m not quite sure how to react– is it humorous?  Uplifting?  Regardless, it’s strange.