It occurred to me this morning that we should strive to be like lamps.  Lamps come in all shapes and sizes, take many different types of bulbs, and are of many different colours.  However, they all have one purpose:  to shed light.  But what is the function of light?  It brightens, yes, but it also clarifies.  It even warms ever so slightly.

There’s a side of lamps we never really consider, though– they are shaded.  Something *protects* their light.  Shades prevent the light shining so brightly that it becomes harsh and painful.  They stop people accidentally touching hot bulbs.  They focus the light in the spot where it belongs.  In essence, these are the aspects that shape the light and allow it to do its job efficiently.

So what if we were like lamps?  We’d be accepting of all shapes, sizes, and colours.  We’d be aware of who needs more shade than others, and we’d be accepting of that, recognising that the shade only helps us give as best we can.  Some of us would be warmer than others, but even the coldest would have a purpose.  We would shine as individual lights serving a common purpose, but we could still shine together to shed light on the world.


Happy New Year 2015

Just wanted to send along a thanks to all of you who read, subscribe, and leave some wonderful insight.  Without you…well, there would still be this blog.  It would just be alot less interesting. 😉

Thanks for reading!  I wish you all the absolute best in the upcoming year.

Peace, love, and hope to us all.


In the spirit of tradition and the hope that, perhaps, I will add a tinge of cheery to this dreary blog, I am redecorating it with this holiday theme.  With any luck, it will be the start of a more tolerable time.  If nothing else, it’s a small way to contribute to the holidays without expending a great deal of energy.  My enthusiasm is lacking.

I wish happiness and cheer to those celebrating, gentle comfort to those in pain, and peace to everyone, regardless of place or circumstance.  Peace is, in the end, the only thing that will get us through.