Happy(?) Holidays

I include the question mark because so many people struggle this time of year.  For me, issues with deep grief and ritualistic trauma frequently permeate the lighter side of the season.  This year I have made a concerted effort to participate, rather than hide myself away somewhere.  I have gone Christmas shopping and made plans for both Christmas and Chanukah celebrations.  This has helped, to some extent, but I find my agita spiralling as the holidays near.

My sister’s death from suicide on 7 December 2000 is the most painful thing I’ve ever been through, and its sting is still just as sharp as it was that day.  I have had quite a few other losses, and they all still sting. My sister’s death, however, still drops me to my knees sometimes.  She was my second self.  We were rarely separated, and I still hold myself partially at fault for not seeing the signs in her.  That day was just as painful as ever this year, and it started my mind down the spiral of grief and fear.  I’m trying to bring it back up.

If you are struggling this month, please hold on.  Somewhere out there, someone needs you more than you know.

In the UK & Ireland: Contact the Samaritans  116 123

In the US:  1-800-784-2433;  TTY:  1-800-799-4889





Dissertation on Suicide Stigma by Jean M Buck

The links below will take you to a dissertation on the stigma of suicide written by Jean M Buck in accordance with the requirements for her Master’s degree.  Ms Buck is a psychotherapist who has DID, has herself attempted suicide, and lost her father to suicide.  In my opinion, the dissertation is fascinating.  It combines striking visuals with Ms Buck’s words to create a masterful work that will, no doubt, be helpful to many.  Via email, Ms Buck wrote my hope was that  [the dissertation] would one day be useful to someone.

I am grateful to her for allowing me to publish her work here.  It takes courage to come forth with such personal information in a public forum.

JBuck- Contents

JBuck- Cover page

JBuck- Dissertation