Little Messages

The child alters among my internal folk are divided into three main groups– Little Littles, Littles, and Middle Littles.  The smallest of all are, appropriately, Little Littles.  They are very new discoveries, and the oldest is two at best.  They’re structured a bit strangely, and they don’t communicate often.  Littles and Middle Littles, however, *do* communicate often, both inside and to my best friend on the outside.

Today Littles and Middle Littles were working on something.  Mairead was helping.  For all of her attitude and general teenage rebellion, she is *excellent* with the kids.  Kathy and I are both thankful for that.

Mairead announced to me that Littles and Middle Littles had something to say to my best friend.  Willow, one of the Middle Littles, acted as spokesperson for their little group and sent my best friend this text message:

We, Lily Timmy Lucy and Willow, want to say the you are the best outside person we know.  You love us and don’t hurt us and you tell us about outside stuff.  That is why we want to tell you that you are our best friend too!  We love you!  🙂

I am so proud of them for saying all of that.  It’s a leap of faith on their part to trust someone that much, and it’s further tribute to how wonderful my best friend is that they were able to trust him.  Things just work out so perfectly sometimes.



My best friend, who is one of the absolute most wonderful people I’ve ever been privileged to have in my life, took the kids to see Christmas lights last night.  They had an absolute ball.  Lily is by far the most verbal of all the kids, so she chattered away most of the night.  She and my best friend even sang Christmas carols!  I did pop out mid-song once to tease my best friend, though.  I love him dearly, but it was my duty to take advantage of a situation like that.  🙂

The kids were ecstatic.  In fact, they’re still chattering away this afternoon.  Lily kept pointing out trains for Timmy, who was watching eagerly from inside.  Willow, too, was in awe.  The lights amazed them, but so did the fact that an external ‘big peoples’ would *want* to spend time with them and take them about like that.  We’ll be taking my best friend’s nephew out to see the lights soon, but he made last night strictly about my internal children.  The fact that he would pick a time for us to go alone specifically so they could be themselves openly is tribute to the person he is.  It shocks me that someone would do that for them as well.  The really cool thing about last night is that my best friend had a great time, too!  I’m very fortunate to have people in my life who are not only supportive, but who actually enjoy spending time with my insiders.  It was definitely a special evening.